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Issuing platform: Card type: Reward rates & details: Availability: Last update: #
Name, sign-up link: Debit/credit? Visa or Mastercard? Use card to spend: Base rate: Max rate: Paid in: Reward conditions: Countries: Status:
DebitVisaFiat or crypto (pre-set order)0.1%8.0%BNBReward depends on amount of BNB held in your account. Up to 1 BNB: 0.1%, 1-10 BNB: 2.0%, 10-40 BNB: 3.0%, 40-100 BNB: 4%, 100-250 BNB: 5%, 250-600 BNB: 6%, 600+ BNB: 8%.EUAvailable2022-05-021
CreditMastercardFiat1.0%3.0%Crypto of choice1% base rate, 2% back on groceries, 3% on diningUSTemporarily halted2022-05-023
DebitMastercardFiat or crypto of choice0.5%2.0%WXTFree plan: 0.5% for in-store purchases, Premium plan (EUR 9.99/month): 1% in-store or online, Elite plan (EUR 29.99/month): 2% in store or onlineUK, EUAvailable2022-05-024
CreditMastercardFiat0.1%2.0%BTC or NEXODepending on your Nexo 'Loyalty tier'. Hold 10%+ of account balance in NEXO for the highest tier. Base tier: 0.1% in BTC or 0.5% in NEXO. Platinum tier (highest): 0.5% in BTC or 2.0% in NEXO.UK, EUAvailable2022-05-025
DebitVisaFiat3.0%8.0%PLURewards depending on PLU staked. 0 PLU: 3%, 250 PLU: 4%, 500 PLU: 5%, 1000 PLU: 6%, 2000+ PLU: 8%UK, EUAvailable2022-05-026
DebitVisaCrypto of choice1.0%4.0%Crypto of choiceRewards in USDC, ETH, ALGO: 1%, BTC: 1.5%, XLM: 4%. Reward rates and coins change monthly.US (except Hawaii)Available2022-07-188
DebitVisaFiat or crypto of choice1.0%5.0%CRORewards depend on card level: stake CRO to get higher level. $400 CRO stake: 1%, $4000: 2%. $40.000: 3%. $400.000: 5%.WorldwideAvailable2022-06-019
DebitVisaFiat, crypto of choice, metals, or stocks0.0%2.0%BitcoinDepending on BEST held. 5000+ BEST: 0.5%, 10.000+ BEST: 1.0%, 50.000+ BEST: 2.0%. No cashback if you use the card to spend fiat, USDT or USDC, or stocks.EUAvailable2022-06-2413