Algorand faucet list: working ALGO faucets!

Algorand (ALGO) is a fast cryptocurrency that settles transactions within a few seconds, has a multitude of applications including smart contracts and NFT’s, and minimal transaction fees. This also makes it a great cryptocurrency for sending in small amounts. Because of that, there are a few instant pay-out faucets available.

For most faucets, all you need to do is to input your Nano address, solve a captcha, click ‘claim’. After that, you’ll instantly receive some Algorand in your own wallet!

Don’t have an Algorand wallet yet? The best option is to download the Pera Algo Wallet, at The wallet is available on both Android and iOS.

Last update: June 27th, 2022. Drip amounts and notes are taken from this date.

Algorand Faucet list

# Name & link: Claim every: Drip amount & notes:
1 2 days 0.001 ALGO
2 1 day 0.001 ALGO
3 7 days didn’t work on test date

You can find more information about Algorand on the official website, You can find an active community of Algorand users on

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