Nano faucet list: 10 working XNO faucets!

Nano (XNO) is a cryptocurrency aimed at making crypto payments. It’s very fast (almost instant), and there are no transaction fees at all! This also makes it a great cryptocurrency for sending in small amounts. Therefor, you’ll find quite a few faucets, as well as Nano tipping functionality on Reddit and Twitter.

For most faucets, all you need to do is to input your Nano address, solve a captcha, click ‘claim’. After that, you’ll instantly receive some Nano in your own wallet!

Don’t have a Nano wallet yet? The best option is to download Natrium! To read more about this wallet, and download it (Google Play or App Store), go to the Natrium official website.

Last update: March 23th, 2022. Drip amounts are taken from this date.

Nano Faucet list

# Name & link: Claim every:
(days, hours:mins)
Drip amount & notes:
1 ExtraCrypto subreddit tipbot ‘faucet’ Once 0.01 XNO. Requires Reddit account. Our own ‘faucet’!
2 7 days, 00:00 0.001 XNO
3 Once 0.000001 XNO
4 1 days, 00:00 0.000012 XNO
5 0 days, 00:10 0.000012 XNO
6 0 days, 00:30 0.00002 XNO
7 0 days, 00:10 0.000007 XNO
8 7 days, 00:00 0.000927 XNO
9 1 days, 00:00 0.0002 XNO
10 1 days, 00:00 0.00025 XNO

You can find more information about Nano on the official website, You can find an active community of Nano users on