BTSE interest rates: all rates in APY!

Looking for cryptocurrency interest rates provided by BTSE? Find all current (February 2024) BTSE interest rates in APY for the coins we track in the table below!

BTSE interest rates

Cryptocurrency: Interest rate:
USDC base:6.50%
USDC max:9.50%
USDT base:7.00%
USDT max:9.50%
DAI base:4.35%
DAI max:4.35%
TUSD base:4.35%
TUSD max:7.30%
USDP base:5.50%
USDP max:5.50%
BUSD base:5.00%
BUSD max:5.00%
GUSD base:
GUSD max:
HUSD base:
HUSD max:
EURS base:
EURS max:
EURT base:
EURT max:
CEUR base:
CEUR max:
TGBP base:
TGBP max:
TCAD base:
TCAD max:
TAUD base:
TAUD max:
XSGD base:
XSGD max:
USD base:6.00%
USD max:6.00%
GBP base:3.65%
GBP max:3.65%
EUR base:3.65%
EUR max:3.65%
BTC base:2.40%
BTC max:5.00%
ETH base:3.50%
ETH max:5.00%
LTC base:
LTC max:
BNB base:2.72%
BNB max:2.93%
ADA base:3.25%
ADA max:3.50%
DOT base:8.53%
DOT max:9.34%
ATOM base:10.47%
ATOM max:11.27%
ALGO base:
ALGO max:
MATIC base:3.63%
MATIC max:3.90%
DOGE base:
DOGE max:
XTZ base:3.90%
XTZ max:4.20%
BCH base:
BCH max:
WBTC base:
WBTC max:
PAXG base:
PAXG max:
XLM base:
XLM max:
LINK base:
LINK max:
XRP base:
XRP max:
SOL base:4.33%
SOL max:4.67%
ZIL base:
ZIL max:
BAT base:
BAT max:
ETC base:
ETC max:
CEL base:
CEL max:
AAVE base:5.86%
AAVE max:6.77%
LRC base:
LRC max:
MANA base:
MANA max:
DASH base:
DASH max:
AVAX base:4.55%
AVAX max:4.90%
SHIB base:0.36%
SHIB max:0.78%
CRO base:
CRO max:
NEAR base:7.15%
NEAR max:8.25%
UNI base:1.61%
UNI max:1.85%
TRX base:3.47%
TRX max:3.67%
SUSHI base:4.69%
SUSHI max:6.65%
FTM base:2.60%
FTM max:3.00%
VET base:
VET max:
XMR base:
XMR max:
SNX base:
SNX max:
DFI base:
DFI max:
KSM base:
KSM max:
FIL base:4.96%
FIL max:4.96%
KAVA base:
KAVA max:
CAKE base:5.90%
CAKE max:6.35%
HBAR base:
HBAR max:
CELO base:
CELO max:
AMP base:
AMP max:
FTT base:
FTT max:
AXS base:39.65%
AXS max:42.70%
ENJ base:
ENJ max:
ZEC base:
ZEC max:
GRT base:7.15%
GRT max:7.70%
APE base:
APE max:
GALA base:
GALA max:
SAND base:10.09%
SAND max:10.86%
EOS base:3.28%
EOS max:4.36%
YFI base:1.74%
YFI max:3.14%
MKR base:
MKR max:
COMP base:
COMP max:
EGLD base:7.61%
EGLD max:8.48%
HT base:
HT max:
ONE base:
ONE max:
1INCH base:1.41%
1INCH max:1.56%
NEO base:
NEO max:
STX base:
STX max:
LTO base:
LTO max:
OXT base:
OXT max:
MINA base:
MINA max:
CELR base:5.56%
CELR max:6.84%
FLOW base:
FLOW max:
ROSE base:
ROSE max:
ARK base:
ARK max:
WAVES base:
WAVES max:
GLMR base:
GLMR max:
CSPR base:
CSPR max:
BNT base:4.87%
BNT max:5.62%
GMT base:
GMT max:
GST base:
GST max:
BTT base:
BTT max:
ICX base:
ICX max:
ONT base:
ONT max:
OMG base:
OMG max:
ZRX base:
ZRX max:
CRV base:2.86%
CRV max:3.30%
VGX base:
VGX max:
NEXO base:
NEXO max:
CPRX base:
CPRX max:
KNC base:6.64%
KNC max:12.45%
STORJ base:
STORJ max:
SRM base:
SRM max:
RUNE base:
RUNE max:
XAUT base:
XAUT max:
ANKR base:
ANKR max:
THETA base:
THETA max:
STMX base:
STMX max:
Last updated:2022-11-05
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