Best Green Metaverse Token (GMT) interest rates (APY)

Looking for the best/highest interest rates to earn yield on Green Metaverse Token from STEPN? Compare platforms on their February 2024 interest rates for GMT using the comparison table below!


Green Metaverse Token interest rate comparison

Platform: Base rate: Max rate: Conditions for max rate: Sign-up bonus?
Binance.com8.37%8.37%Fixed deposit. The longer, the higher rate. Best rates often have (low) quota's.10% discount on trading fees. More info...
Bitrue Power Piggy5.00%6.00%Hold platform tokens (BTR).- invest12.34%12.34%Fixed deposit. The longer, the higher rate.10% discount on trading fees Earn2.00%2.00%Fixed deposit. The longer, the higher rate.Free 'Mystery Box': random reward up to $2000 in crypto. More info... *APR3.00%3.00%None.$50 in fiat total: deposit and trade to get bonuses. Use referral code: 5Q1YAX7G on sign-up.
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