Coinbase Earn $3 in GAL: Project Galaxy quiz answers!

Coinbase is one of the oldest and largest cryptocurrency exchanges around. On Coinbase, you’ll regularly find ‘learn & earn‘ opportunities, called ‘Coinbase Earn’.

A Coinbase Earn course consists of short animated lessons about a cryptocurrency. You’ll get one quiz question for each lesson in the course. If you pick the correct answer to all of the quiz questions, you’ll be rewarded, and get a few dollars worth of the same cryptocurrency you have just learned about!

New Coinbase Earn courses are added over time. In July 2022, Coinbase released the course about Project Galaxy (GAL).

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Coinbase Earn Project Galaxy (GAL) quiz questions and answers!

You can start this Coinbase Earn course by going here directly. This course consists of 3 lessons and quiz questions. Every correct answer will earn you $1 worth of GAL!

To make sure you’ll earn the full $3 in GAL, here are all quiz questions and answers:

Question 1: What does Project Galaxy think should control credential data?

  • Answer: The community

Question 2: Which of the following can developers NOT use open credential data for?

  • Answer: Buying and selling NFTs

Question 3:  What is NOT a possible use of the GAL token?

  • Answer: Staking

That’s all! The $3 worth of GAL will automatically be credited to your Coinbase account, and show up under ‘Your assets’.