learn & earn $6 in Tezos (XTZ)! All quiz answers! is a cryptocurrency investment and staking/earning platform. Currently, as of April 2022, they’ve got one active ‘learn & earn‘ course.

In this course, you’ll learn about  Tezos (XTZ), and be able to earn a total of $6 in XTZ for answering all questions correctly.

You can find this course in the ‘Rewards’-section (here), or by going directly to the Tezos asset page (here).

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Note that to start this course, you’ll need to have more than 0 ‘karma’ on Coinlist. You can get Coinlist Karma for various activities on the platform. The easiest way to get karma is from staking. Staking rewards are paid out weekly, and you’ll also earn karma once staking rewards are paid out.

Also note that the total reward amount is limited, and resets on the first day of every month, for a limited time. So if there’s no reward left for the current month, check back at the start of the next month. learn and earn Tezos quiz answers!

This course consists of 3 videos with information about Tezos. If you want to rewatch the videos, you can find them here: video 1, video 2, video 3.

After each video, you’ll get two quiz questions, for a total of 6 questions. For every correct answer, you’ll $1 worth of Tezos. To make sure you’ll earn the full $6, here are all quiz questions and answers:

Question 1: Which consensus mechanism model does Tezos use?

  • Answer: Liquid Proof-of-Stake (LPoS)

Question 2: Which feature allows Tezos to be seamlessly upgradable while also avoiding hard forks like other blockchains?

  • Answer: Unique on-chain governance mechanism

Question 3: What are some reasons why people are using Tezos to buy, sell, and mint NFTs?

I Low gas/transaction fees
II Global community of artists
III Energy-efficiency
IV Access to Tezos-powered marketplaces

  • Answer: I, II, III, IV

Question 4: How do Tezos DeFi DApps disrupt the world of traditional finance?

  • Answer: They allow fast and frictionless exchange of value between users across the world

Question 5: Which Tezos NFT platform was used during the video in order to mint an NFT?

  • Answer:

Question 6: What is an NFT collection used for?

  • Answer: Organizing NFTs

That’s all! The $6 worth of XTZ will automatically be credited to your Coinlist account, and will show up in your ‘Wallet’.

You’ll also get an e-mail confirming you’ve completed the course and have received the reward.