Cake DeFi referral code: 417994 – free $40 in crypto!

Cake DeFi is an easy-to-use cryptocurrency lending, staking, and liquidity mining platform. This allows users to earn interest on cryptocurrencies.

As a new user, you can get a $30 in DeFiChain (DFI) sign-up bonus for signing up with a referral link or code.

To automatically apply our referral code, click this referral link. You’ll instantly see a notification saying you qualify for the sign-up bonus.

If you’re still asked to add a referral code you can manually add our Cake DeFi referral code: 417994 on sign-up.

Cake DeFi sign-up bonus: how to get $40 in free crypto!

Here are the exact steps you need to take to get $40 in free crypto as a sign-up bonus from Cake DeFi.

  1. You’ll have to sign up to Cake DeFi using a referral link. Click this link to automatically qualify, or add referral code: 417994 if you’re still asked for a referral code. Sign up and create your account.
  2. Verify your account (KYC). This can take up to a day. Once verified, you can use the platform.
  3. Make a $50+ cryptocurrency deposit to Cake DeFi, and allocate it into Lending, Staking or Liquidity Mining. For Staking and Liquidity Mining, you’ll also have to allocate it into the ‘Freezer’ for a tenure for 1 month. You can use any of the cryptocurrencies supported by Cake DeFi for this step.

Once you’ve allocated over $50 worth of any crypto to CakeDeFi, your account will instantly be credited $30 worth of  DeFiChain (DFI)!

To earn another $10 worth of crypto, you can complete both of the Cake DeFi Learn quizzes:

For both quizzes, you’ll get five quiz questions about what you’ve learned, and receive $1 in DFI or in DFI/BTC liquidity pair for every correct answer.

Cake DeFi sign-up bonus proof

We can confirm Cake DeFi pays out their sign-up bonus. Here’s our Cake DeFi transaction history showing the instant bonus payouts from both the deposit bonus, as well as from the first learn & earn quiz:

Note that the DFI sign-up bonus is automatically put in the ‘freezer’, which means it’s locked in staking for 180 days. Currently, that means it’ll be earning over 30% APY.

After 180 days, the DFI is unlocked, which means you can now trade it for another cryptocurrency, or send it to any wallet address.

About Cake DeFi

Cake DeFi is a platform for crypto lending, staking, and liquidity mining, which allows you to earn interest on your cryptocurrencies. Cake DeFi is based in the Singapore, and has been in business since 2019.

Cake DeFi supports crypto lending for  Bitcoin (BTC),  Ethereum (ETH),  USD Coin (USDC), and  Tether (USDT). You can stake  DeFiChain (DFI) at CakeDeFi.

To compare the rates at Cake DeFi with those available at other platforms, check out our cryptocurrency interest rate comparison table.

There are also lots of cryptocurrency pairs available for liquidity mining at Cake DeFi. We don’t track liquidity mining rates, but you find the current rates on here.