referral code: fpyvv86wb8 – get $25 in CRO! is a crypto app for trading, earning, and spending cryptocurrencies. With the app, you can earn interest on your cryptocurrencies for lending them out, or put up your cryptocurrency as collateral to get a loan.

New user can currently get $25 in CRO (Cronos) as a sign-up bonus for signing up with a referral code.

To sign up with a referral code, click this referral link to sign up, and add our referral code: fpyvv86wb8 when signing up.

Steps to get your sign-up bonus!

Here are the full steps you need to follow to make sure you’ll get your $25 in CRO sign-up bonus:

  1. Sign up with a referral link. Click here to go to the sign-up page, and add our referral code: fpyvv86wb8.
  2. Complete your account, and finish the KYC verification.
  3. The $25 in CRO will automatically be added to your account immediately! However, this reward will be locked, and can’t be withdrawn or spent yet.
  4. The reward will be unlocked once you order a metal Visa Card.
  5. To order a Ruby Steel card or above, you’ll have to stake $400+ in CRO.
  6. Once you order your card, the $25 in CRO sign-up bonus will be unlocked!

That’s it! Once you’ve ordered a metal Visa Card, the $25 in  Cronos (CRO) will be added as valued on the date of the bonus payout.

About is one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms. They’re based in the Singapore, and have been in business since 2016.

At, you can earn interest a lot of cryptocurrencies. generates yield from both lending and staking. If you want to see how the interest rates on compare to those on other platforms, use our crypto interest rate comparison table.

To compare the Visa Cards with other crypto rewards cards, you can use our crypto card comparison table.