Best Pax Dollar / Paxos Standard (USDP) interest rates (APY)

Looking for the best/highest interest rates to earn yield on Pax Dollar? Compare platforms on their February 2024 interest rates for USDP using the comparison table below!


Pax Dollar interest rate comparison

Platform: Base rate: Max rate: Conditions for max rate: Sign-up bonus?
Bitrue Power Piggy6.00%7.20%Hold platform tokens (BTR).-
Blockchain.com6.50%6.50%None.$10 in BTC: trade $20+ in crypto. Add referral code: LVR37FH8
BTSE.com5.50%5.50%Fixed deposit. The longer, the higher rate.20% discount on trading fees app *APR0.10%3.00%Fixed deposit, hold platform tokens (CRO), get paid in CRO.$25 in CRO: stake $400+ worth of CRO to unlock. More info... *max rate: APR8.00%12.00%Fixed deposit, hold platform token (NEXO), get paid in NEXO.$25 in BTC: hold $100+ balance for 30 days. More info... *APR8.00%8.00%None.$50 in fiat total: deposit and trade to get bonuses. Use referral code: 5Q1YAX7G on sign-up.
Wirexapp.com0.00%14.00%Get the Wirex Elite plan (EUR29.99/mo), hold platform tokens (WXT), get paid in WXT.-
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