Ledn.io interest rates changes, as of April 1st 2022

Ledn.io, a Canada-based crypto lending platform, has sent out an e-mail with their updated interest rates.

The new rates will be effective as of April 1st, 2022. In this blogpost, we’ll show the new rates and put them side-to-side with the prior rates.

Ledn USDC and BTC interest rates for April 2022

Ledn provides interest on two cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin and USDC. You can compare the new interest for both coins with the old interest rates in the table below.

Cryptocurrency: New interest rate (APY): Old interest rate (APY): Change in APY:
 Bitcoin (BTC) 5.25% <0.5 BTC, 2.00% on >0.5 BTC 6.25% APY <0.5 BTC, 2.25% APY on >0.5 BTC -1.00% <0.5 BTC, -0.25% on >0.5 BTC
 USD Coin (USDC) 8.00% on full balance 9.25% on full balance -1.25%

As always, if you’re looking to compare interest rates provided by crypto lending platforms, you can use our crypto interest rate comparison table. We’ve already processed Ledn’s rate changes.

If you have any questions about Ledn or the interest changes, let me know in a comment below!

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